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PRO TIP: Many designs have both a poster and a fridge magnet option! Use the dropdown in the product info to see. Wonderella’s swag has its own category, but can be purchased along with other Elegant Folderol goods.

New Products:

Wonderella Shot glass

Wonderella Shot glass$8

Possibly the most fitting piece of Wonderella merchandise ever created. Front side is Wonderella with one of her more manic expressions, while the reverse features ‘Superhero’ and ‘Sidekick’ indicators. Let it be known to all youths and lawyers that The Non-Adventures of Wonderella does not encourage underage drinking or binge-drinking, and that shot glasses have […]

Absinthe Makes Bad Art Look Amazing

Absinthe Makes Bad Art Look Amazing$6

What is the allure of Absinthe? Could it be its indelible association with 19th Century creative iconoclasts? Maybe. Is it the “forbidden fruit” nature of its prohibition? english paper Possibly. Is it the iconography of a universally-recognized cartoon mascot? Absolutely, and that’s why we’ve brought the Green Fairy to the forefront of this piece.

Good/Bad Button

Good/Bad Button$1 Sold Out

Everybody has both a good and bad side, and maybe it would be a little easier on all of us if our moods were made a little clearer? university essay writing www.j-hokkaido.com (LADIES WE ARE LOOKING AT YOU.) Button is approximately one cute little inch – perfect for placement on a coat, hat or backpack […]

Signed Non-Adventures of Wonderella Prints

Signed Non-Adventures of Wonderella Prints$9

Do you like The Non-Adventures of Wonderella? Would you mayhaps want to adorn your wallspace with the sort of comic art best described as “updated Saturdays”? WELL, by using our patented “independent Print-on-demand” (iPod) technology, we can make you an 11×17″ print of your favorite Wonderella comic! I’ll even sign it! Simply indicate which comic […]

Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet$4

A story as old as time itself: you have a dishwasher. There are dishes housed within. Are they clean? Are they dirty? Were they cleaned but still dirty, because you should have hand-washed them beforehand, because That’s Just How Your Dishwasher Is? Now you can be sure, with one of these fashionable magnets that take […]

Wonderella Breast Cancer Benefit Button

Wonderella Breast Cancer Benefit Button$2

Sure, you hate breast cancer — but do you two dollars hate it? Purchase a 2.25″ pink Wonderella button and wear it with pride, knowing you helped to defeat a deadly disease by putting a thingy on your coat, backpack or bucket-style hat. Proceeds from all button sales go to the Susan G. Komen Breast […]

There’s No X In Espresso

There’s No X In Espresso$6

Italy doesn’t have much use for the letter X and neither does espresso. A counterpoint to the “Pretentious” coffee piece, this one is a solemn battle-cry against those who liken an elegantly-crafted beverage to something spat out of a brick at a 7-11.

A Pretentious Picture of Coffee

A Pretentious Picture of Coffee$6

Features a prominent coffee cup with the phrase “a pretentious picture of coffee” subtly wreathing the scene. Perfect for coffee shops or any venue in which cups of coffee are somehow created and subsequently imbibed.

Beer: Cartoon Animals Like It

Beer: Cartoon Animals Like It$6

The early 20th Century was a difficult time for the Western World. An era of poverty, famine and war left many turning to two escapist respites: alcohol, which helped you forget the pain of reality, and animation, which helped you forget the physics of reality. Commemorate that time of incredible hardship with this testimony to […]

Oh my god… It's So French

Oh my god… It's So French$6

The perfect gift for those with elaborate French wall decor they cannot decipher or even pronounce. websites for research papers If you count yourself among their ranks, this is a friendly reminder that the best gifts are those we give ourselves.

Composition T, 1985

Composition T, 1985$5

Dutch artist Piet Mondrian lived modestly, never able to cash in on the now-iconic scattering of colored blocks that was to be his legacy. 50 years later, Russian programmer Alexey Pazhitnov was denied copyright, never able to cash in on the now-iconic scattering of colored blocks that was to be his legacy. I don’t want […]