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PRO TIP: Many designs have both a poster and a fridge magnet option! Use the dropdown in the product info to see. Wonderella’s swag has its own category, but can be purchased along with other Elegant Folderol goods.

New Products:

Wonderella Shot glass

Wonderella Shot glass$8

Possibly the most fitting piece of Wonderella merchandise ever created. Front side is Wonderella with one of her more manic expressions, while the reverse features ‘Superhero’ and ‘Sidekick’ indicators. Let it be known to all youths and lawyers that The Non-Adventures of Wonderella does not encourage underage drinking or binge-drinking, and that shot glasses have […]

Wonderella Books Two-Pack!

Wonderella Books Two-Pack!$32

Get both books and save money whynot! Includes Everybody Ever Forever and She Came From Outer Space at reduced price and shipping fee.

Absinthe Makes Bad Art Look Amazing

Absinthe Makes Bad Art Look Amazing$5

What is the allure of Absinthe? Could it be its indelible association with 19th Century creative iconoclasts? Maybe. Is it the “forbidden fruit” nature of its prohibition? Possibly. Is it the iconography of a universally-recognized cartoon mascot? Absolutely, and that’s why we’ve brought the Green Fairy to the forefront of this piece.