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Signed Non-Adventures of Wonderella Prints

Signed Non-Adventures of Wonderella Prints$7

Do you like The Non-Adventures of Wonderella? Would you mayhaps want to adorn your wallspace with the sort of comic art best described as “updated Saturdays”? WELL, by using our patented “independent Print-on-demand” (iPod) technology, we can make you an 11×17″ print of your favorite Wonderella comic! I’ll even sign it! Simply indicate which comic […]

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: Everybody Ever Forever

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: Everybody Ever Forever$17

A collection of Wonderella’s first non-adventures, featuring: The first 99 FULL-COLOR Wonderella comics! Every comic’s tooltip alt-text! Three original comics not seen on the site! The Wonderella Drinking Game! Super-secret back cover! Since a good sum of Wonderella’s readers aren’t “comic book fans” in the Green Lantern sense, I have dedicated the back of the […]

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: She Came From Outer Space

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: She Came From Outer Space$17

Books aren’t like kids — you try to do better with the second one! That’s why Wonderella Volume 2 features: 104 pages of Non-Adventures Every page’s alt-text Four pages full of deleted scenes removed due to space constraints or terribleness! Unsettling storyboard sketch versions of your favorite characters! An excerpt from Wonderella’s own book, Rainbow […]

Wonderella Bobblehead

Wonderella Bobblehead$10 Sold Out

Wonderella now has her own 7″ bobblehead! Made of polyresin, each Wonderella bobblehead is designed to rock back and forth on a spring-mounted neckstump. Bobbleheads are incredibly straightforward, yet I’m still compelled to describe it for some reason!