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Signed Non-Adventures of Wonderella Prints

Signed Non-Adventures of Wonderella Prints$9

Do you like The Non-Adventures of Wonderella? Would you mayhaps want to adorn your wallspace with the sort of comic art best described as “updated Saturdays”? WELL, by using our patented “independent Print-on-demand” (iPod) technology, we can make you an 11×17″ print of your favorite Wonderella comic! I’ll even sign it! Simply indicate which comic […]

Wonderella Breast Cancer Benefit Button

Wonderella Breast Cancer Benefit Button$2

Sure, you hate breast cancer — but do you two dollars hate it? Purchase a 2.25″ pink Wonderella button and wear it with pride, knowing you helped to defeat a deadly disease by putting a thingy on your coat, backpack or bucket-style hat. Proceeds from all button sales go to the Susan G. Komen Breast […]

Wonderella Shot glass

Wonderella Shot glass$8

Possibly the most fitting piece of Wonderella merchandise ever created. Front side is Wonderella with one of her more manic expressions, while the reverse features ‘Superhero’ and ‘Sidekick’ indicators. Let it be known to all youths and lawyers that The Non-Adventures of Wonderella does not encourage underage drinking or binge-drinking, and that shot glasses have […]