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The Non-Adventures of Wonderella,
Everybody Ever Forever includes:

  • The first 99 FULL-COLOR Wonderella comics!
  • Every comic's tooltip alt-text!
  • Three original comics not seen on the site!
  • The Wonderella Drinking Game!
  • Plus: Bonus Subterfuge! Since a good sum of Wonderella's readers aren't "comic book fans" in the Green Lantern sense, I have dedicated the back of the book to Vino Vidi Vici: The On-the-go Guide To Wines. Flip it over when guests, dates or in-laws stop by and they'll be none the wiser (Don't worry, nobody actually reads coffee table books).

Order a copy directly from me and I'll sign it! Random "lucky" buyers will receive a quick hand-drawn sketch to remind them why I make this on a computer. Alternately, you can order an unsullied copy via Amazon.

Continental US
$16.95 + $4 shipping

$16.95 + $6 shipping

$16.95 + $10 shipping

Minority Groups Are Outstanding Magnet:
By law, Wonderella cannot accept payment for her court-ordered community service... but I can! As Seen In The PRICE of Patriotism. Show your support for a vague generalization of persons while holding up your Arby's coupons! Flat 2” x 3” button-style rectangle magnet coated in UV Resistant Mylar.
"Everything I need to know I learned from Wonderella" poster
(ENLARGE!) This poster recalls the late 90s, when "everything I need I learned from Star Trek/Kindergarten/my cat" posters filled every inch of cubicle not lined by Far Side cartoons. Only this time, the nuggets of wisdom include "Eggplant is not actually an egg or even a member of the animal kingdom for that matter," "Zombies are Nature’s disposable horror sloths," and other quotes that, really, you'd get for free just by checking Wonderella's archives. But archives won't cover the hole you made in your wall during saturday's drunken rage, will they? 11x17" printed on full-color glossy stock.
Signed Non-Adventures of Wonderella Prints:
Do you like The Non-Adventures of Wonderella? Would you mayhaps want to adorn your wallspace with the sort of comic art best described as "updated Saturdays"? WELL, by using our patented "independent Print-on-demand" (iPod) technology, we can make you an 11x17" print of your favorite Wonderella comic! I'll even sign it! Simply indicate which comic page you want when ordering, and it will be in the mail to you in a matter of days!
Which page?

Wonderella "ROCK THE BREAST" 2.25" Button
Purchase a Wonderella "Rock the Breast" button and wear it with pride, knowing you helped to defeat breast cancer by putting a thingy on your coat, backpack or bucket-style hat. Proceeds from all button sales go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

$3 w/o S+H (if you are ordering other items!)

$4 includes S+H (if you are only getting buttons!)

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